five tips to get organized at work

Many people find themselves looking for a little organization in their office. No one wants to be the person that forgot about a vital meeting because they couldn’t find their calendar, or the employee who doesn’t follow up with the biggest client because the sticky note with their number on it “might” have been thrown in the trash! These five organizing tips can help you take control of your work space and stand out as an exceptional employee.

1. Toss! Toss! Toss!

Just like when you declutter at home, think about the items you have needed in the last year.  Also, think about the items you love vs. the items that were given to you and that you feel obligated to keep. Create three piles; toss, to-do, and file.The expired coupons for the restaurant down the road? TOSS! Taxes from 2012? File. Remember to keep it simple.  


Your file pile will likely be filled with items both current and old.  Items that you know you don’t need immediate access to could potentially find another home outside of your office.  Think of it this way: you don’t want those items taking up prime real estate! Also, don’t worry about being a perfectionist when you are dealing with paper.  Create a way to organize your files in a way that makes sense to you!

3. Take on Your To-Do Pile

Chances are you might find items in this pile that are months overdue.  Projects that you are currently working on can be grouped together in folders.  When you complete a project the folder can be filed away if need be.  Any task in your to-do pile that will only take you a few minutes to complete, such as RSVPing to an event, you should tackle right then! All other tasks should be written on your to-do list and prioritized from there.

4. Clutter-Free Desk

Now that the surfaces in your office are clear you might be asking yourself how on earth you keep it that way! As items come into your office don’t just pile them up.  Take action: toss, to-do, file.  Remember that 80 percent of what you do everyday is maintenance.  Schedule time in your day;I usually recommend using the last 30 minutes of your day to make sure your desk is clear and your to-do list is ready for the next day.

5. A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

Without going into your office, do you know where your 2009 taxes are filed?  What about your phone charger, scissors or papers for the presentation you have to give next week? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly where to find these items? Designate a place for every item in your space.  When you are done using that item it should go back to the same spot.  This habit will help ensure that you will be able to find it time and time again!

Imagine being more productive, having less stress, spending more time with your family and overall enjoying the space you work in.  An organized office takes work, and you might let it slip every now and then. But when you plan to have an organized space, you’ll experience the benefits listed above and much more!